Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So to all those who don't know me, I'm a terrible chef.  Awful cook. I did get my dads genes but definitely not his talent for cooking. He thought me and wanted to which I always had an excuse of running away from.

Dad- your the best and I regret I didn't like and kinda still don't like the cooking part.

Hey trying is the thing the counts right? Well at least I think so.

So last night I decided to start cooking back again since I was on salads and fruits for the past couple of weeks. My dinner was some scrambled eggs. Turned out pretty good other than me burning myself. Good thing I burned my finger which had a very though  since. Didn't hurt as bad.  Even thought I'm 20 and should be able to take care of myself pretty good .

FYI: the last time I have burned cookies other than last night was  about  a year ago while still living with my parents.

How sad is that? Will I ever learn how to improve and not give up. What if my husband will want me to make breakfast , lunch and dinner everyday  and ill burn it. How happy will he be???

Speaking of  weddings and husbands, I started this new project getting ideas for weddings since I have so many siblings that will come in handy one day. I'm excited to get it finished soon. Which I will try to update every day.

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