Friday, October 14, 2011


My morning started today at 6 am. with Nat beside me.. I hope I didn't like jump at her in the middle of the night and wake her up. lol...  Our bed time was like at 3 o'clock in the morning and both had to get up early to get packed , she to Hawaii me to moms and dads.

How it looks when you first come in...
the red/black coffee table in front of sofa...

Where the red  decor would be to match the coffee table if its red.
 I packed my whole car with  clothes and my coffee table to work on with daddy to paint it red or black. Which I still haven't decided what color. 99.9 I'm thinking its red.... it would really look good in my place.

I attached some pictures to decide if the red would actually match the room.  The little white book case would be cleaned and the books that I haven't touched from the time I bought them will go to my little storage out side. Per Nat my house is very cluttered with garbage... Can you imagine her saying that. I told her all my things have history- how it came to my possessions and what it means to me.

She just went thru her house since going to Hawaii and coming back to a messy house will bring stress. We/or little of my help she cleaned the whole place up and has thrown away a ton of things. Which is good cuz I got couple of the things as well. lol .. Hand me downs are the best..THANK YOU...

Project when I come back is to start going thru my books to get more knowledge. (sign-hopefully). Anyway
any one know what color I should paint it... My colors are Black and white in the living/dinning place. white dinning table with yellow dishes.

                 TODAY'S TO DO LIST.:
  1. Get out of work on time
  2. Gas needed ASAP: always wait till the last
  4. 4 HOURS OF DRIVING  (sign)
                       **** Eggs for breakfast again. getting better at not burning myself*****

They still look bad- but not too bad . :)

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