Monday, October 17, 2011

Family Time

I have missed my family so much, it was really nice spending the weekend.

The big fam was invited to  a German Baptist wedding. I have met the nice ppl of theirs. It was a very different wedding then ours.

Played volleyball afterwords around 8 till like 10 and then hung out with girls and boys. My team won all the games we played which I lost count and only lost one. So  out of that huge number, we did awesome. and and and... hear this all because of me.. .lol no not really. We had some great ppl on our team .

Can you imagine playing with a dress or a skirt, I mean really playing not just tossing the ball around.
I have played that night with a skirt and stockings/tights underneath. It was the most uncomfortable games I have ever played. And with me playing Im  hoping no body has seen anything (you know what I'm hinting at).... :)

************Mien and My Brothers Goodbyes **********
   He currently lives in moses lake and me in Seattle area.

A conversation with my baby sister ALINA

 Me giving her a hug  while I'm trying to control my sobbing.

Alina:  Why are you crying?

Me: I have to go home and I wont be able to be with you.

Alina: Do you not want to go home? Why do you have to go?

Me: Darling I have to but ill miss you so I don't really want to go.

5 Min later my sister all comes running...

Alla: Hey so Alina comes to me " Olga doesn't want to go home, Shes crying!?"

Me: start sobbing again. and missing them even more.

                                            This time it wasn't as hard saying goodbye as the very first. I was gonna dye. and every time they ask where I'm.They are so little they don't understand that I live so far away. 

Wedding Update:

So beautiful, very innocent and sweet  for table piceas.

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