Monday, October 31, 2011

life/Act together

Sunday I was at my uncles house and love my cousins to death; all guys except two girls. The guys are so understanding more than even us females which is crazy when you come to believe it. I'm 100% sure they will rock there wife's socks off. :)Ahem  to all those guys out there get you'r act together... lol

God bless their hears they are all into medical and helping others. I for one cant be and love my files and paperwork 24/7. Well I can prolly still work with kids or something and help them out.. I think???? Any way they got me going to completing my studies and getting licensed to sell insurance for now... Tim has been kicking my butt for it since I have been slacking from all of the stress at work and lots of paperwork on my desk..

SOOOOO I have support and ready to change the world  again. Praying I have the strength and wisdom to complete my duty  while I'm here. This is a little exciting for me and such a big commitment. Please pray for me to complete. Looking at others in school and still home with parents is kinda jealous of them. But hey if I was there I wouldn't have achieved as mush as I have now . I'm very proved of myself and hope that my father sisters and brothers will as well. I wouldn't have done it with out their love and my fathers toughness to push me and strive for the best in live to always expect more of yourself.

Father God, I pray that I Find my way and continuing to ask You for guidance as I go on. I pray that thru seeking your light that it wont overwhelm  me too much. Use me as Your instrument to minister to others; especially to the non believers and to grow spiritually.  We do not want to focus on our own lives and overlook Your master plan for me to minister to those around me. Empower the gifts that You have planted in me, so that I can fully utilize them. In Jesus Name Amen !

Wedding update:Centerpieces are done, I'm on Favors:

How nice would it be to have  Bonfire
after wedding with friends and family.

             Summer: Any Fruits in the season,
      very simple and saves lots of money.

Summer: A pick me Up- love, just love this idea.

Some one who loves cupcake (for spring wedding)


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