Thursday, October 20, 2011

No More Starbucks. :)

Can you ever be addicted to something---dah ---

I'm an addict to coffee NONOOOOOOOOOOOO..

 I wish I can be addicted to the BIBLE something that will make me wiser and smarter, a more christian individual. I have tried everything and anything but still cant rap my head around it. GRRR

Need to go to a coffee rehab for 6 months and to a Bible support class  for the rest of my life..

I need to cleanse ZE body of mien.


I spend about $50 on coffee each month which could be donated to a good cause or.... wait for it.... SHOPPING... ha ha yes SHOPPING.  :)

My Coffee at work... 

Wedding update:
I love the idea of lemons in the vase.  we used yellow in my sisters wedding  we didn't keep them in the water thought. The only bad thing of using them is they go bad so fast. Right after the wedding they had mold on them.  not to good to use.
The little white box is made of wood

Very creating and easy to make your own.
Some prefer everything done for them others like to do the hard work and completely do your own  wedding decor.  As the couples photographers Julia and Yuriy Manchik. I love their wedding   and Julia's blog as well.

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