Thursday, October 13, 2011

Really Tired

OMG... I'm so tired. its like I haven't slept for years. I actually wasn't really tired after I ate bunch of junk food. Have you ever had a CHEESECAKE for breakfast? I just had 2 slices this morning so sick eeeewww.

MY body aches from Karate class last night which I wasn't going to go at all, volleyball, ab workout and running I mean real running. :)

I feel like I'm going to fall apart, is it because I'm tired and didn't get enough sleep this past month or what?

Plus I have to go visit my family over the weekend; driving out tomorrow right after work. I CANT WAIT , so excited that all of us will be there with the family.  This is too exciting. I have not seen them in abt 2 months other than my dad coming to Seattle for business.

On my Schedule today.
  1.  Work till 6
  2.  Go home put my yellow vase(for my dinning table) I bought with NAT last night at Fred Myer for $11 (will post a picture soon)
  3.   back to my cousins house ( haven't made up my mind yet.
      • sleep/nap
      • watch a movie 
      • work on my coupons list and or mail.  
  4.  Shopping with NAT to get her ready to  Hawaii (Tshirt shopping we call it) lol
  5. Sushi to the BEST place on earth -so she thinks. 
  6. .2% gym if only I can make room.
 Nat is texting me and asking about Courageous movie... I hope we can go see it tonight.. Heard a lot  of good things about it. YAYA
***** Learned something today******
you would always run into complication and stupid ones too. Which would take years to fix..... GGGRRRRRRR

New Project: My  wedding: will post each day some ideas for my future wedding.  I love this idea. I don't know how expensive it would be to do... But it so good to Grow your own garden and try to go GREEN.

Enjoy the sunny day...

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