Tuesday, October 18, 2011


 I didn't even have time to Blog any thing today.... So busy at work and personal life ...

I'm gonna go Crazy. ..

My house is a mess, clothes every where, books every place u can find.

Giving away tons of things to my family-going green and clutter free.


Schedule after work:

  1. Friend coming over at 6:15 to pick up her documents.
  2. Church/youth service
  3. Picking up Christmas shoe box's from the girls who have participated and created to send to children His Kids Too
  4. My cousins house to drop off couple  things dad gave.
  5. Home/Gym
  6. Clean my whole house and start cooking
  7. Sleep at like 2 if the earliest.

Wedding update:
This is such a great idea and if you spray paint it a little of the color of the wedding it would be adorable or the rose color you want.  I'm so doing this on my wedding day for sure.
Oh and hey it saves you money too ...
Love Prishinko

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