Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Thank you everyone who prayed that I get home safe to my parents and back. I have made it safe and sound. :)

The visit was great, I had tons of fun and work to do. NO break and I am serious 
there were no breaks.
I cleaned, cleaned and cleaned. Its like every time I finish I have to start again.
If you don't know I have left early Wednesday morning and came back late Sunday Afternoon.

Thursday I was so tired I had to take a nap  in the afternoon before we had dinner with the family.
After that it was:
Cleaning, baking banana bread, pumpkin bread, honey biscuits, making salad, mashed potatoes.
Cutting, back to cleaning and setting up the tables.
Yes tables we had 3 with just our family and sisters husband. That made to be 20 people all together.
Back  right: Me, Alla, Vitaliy, Svetlana(Sam) 2nd Right: Anna,Maria, Inna (Married to Aleksey)
Center Mom and dad with Timmy and Anzhela(twin)
3rd Row Right; Alexsander(twin), Irina, Diana , David, Aleksey ( my blood brother)
Front Row; David, Alina and Vadim.

It took us about 20 min. to get everyone seated and smiling and it still didn't work; kids got really upset and unhappy. Per them it was the WORST THANKSGIVING EVER.  AWWW. How nice. .where did all the hard work go to now.
Silly Goose can brush his
teeth and
take care of himself...
Yaya. He is so cute
 miss this dude.
Yes he really did hate
 taking family pics.
Towards the end he has
 given up
since he is really
 spoiled rotten he
thinks he can get away
(see the unhappy 
face behind him** that's
what I was talking about)

Daddy and Mommy + ME


Timmy: We have spoiled him so much. Sleeps on dads stomach and if he wakes up to go and sleep on the sofa  and puts him to his own bad Timmy will wake up  to go back to dad crying,wanting to sleep with him again. You figure if he is 3 by now he wont. hahaha. He is really smart and will be a really good chef when he grows up. He makes dads DAY every DAY. He is the love of their life.

Now I'm happy  to be back home and at work. Don't get me wrong I really did love spending time with family, the whole city/town makes me depressed.
 Its so small no neighbors and you have to drive 30 min. to get to the city. 
It doesn't bring me happiness as the city does. I'm just such a city girl and sad to admit a big girlie girl.
Its like I still live in the dream world. Walk and talk like one and shop like one.
When will I really grow up. Or does that even exist. lol


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