Tuesday, November 22, 2011

No thanksgiving for me

The weather over the pass is just horrid  I'm so mad and don't know who to blame it on. I know God is not at fault for sure. But he is the Creator right? I mean he does decide on the weather and  does have a say/control in this world? Couldn't he make tomorrow a better day and let me go home to my family to visit?

Dear All Mighty. I pray that its in your will to allow me  to visit my family. I pray that you protect me going there and back. That You  guide me in the direction You want me too. If this isn't in your will for me to go, Please help me realize that the best is more to come. To understand Your decision and humble my self to except the choices of weather. In Jesus Name Amen .

I have been checking the WASHINGTON STATE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION like every 10 min. and have been screaming my head off with depression- if that is even possible.
This is how it has been looking. OHH it was way worse in the afternoon, this isn't that bad. They have indicated that the pass was closed due to and avalanche control. WHAT  ARE YOU SERIOUS WHAT IF I HAVE TO BE HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS..  If this is that bad all ready-who knows if I'll be able to make it home for Christmas. this is so hard on me.

Christmas: I have decided that if I can make it now -I will take all my ready gifts to my married sisters house leave them there till Christmas for her to give out. And all the ones that are  still ready to be packet will take to her and work on them there. All other I will either have her buy and pay back/or buy them here and have the store ship it to the store there to have her pick up and rap them . 

Unfortunately  as it looks that might have to be postponed as well. How sad-both holidays lonesome and ....well lonesome.



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  2. Curt, I'm not understanding what information you are looking for specifically? and would like to thank you for stopping by my blog.