Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I'm so glad God has opened my eyes  to realize how good my parents are and be able to see there love. It was so hard for me to realize that , which I know everyone goes thru  in there teenage years.

Growing up in this big family is so difficult, everyone trying to find love the way they need it. Each and  every one of us want it different then the other. I can imagine how hard  it is for my parents to be able  to do that.

Soooooooo  Dad and mom came over from Tri-Cities for just 2 days. It was such a blessing to see them and be able to connect with them and close family we got to have dinner with. That's the most I have ever ate before. Dinner at Aunt Tanya's house, Aunt Nina, and more at my place.(the catch is it was all in ONE big day) . Speaking of growing horizontally not vertically. lol... Good thing I stay the same size ...:)for now...

I ate so much prolly because I haven't been cooking lately, just eating snacks all day or fruits mostly apples. Any how my parents were shocked to see my fridge. Looking at what they currently have 2 of them and full of all sorts of food, mien definitely looks  empty... Thank God for their kind hearts- they took me grocery shopping, love my father he put everything in the shopping cart which I  sneaked out most of the things that I don't like and wont eat at all. My mother was laughing so hard but hey, why waste if you wont eat it and give it away anyway..Might as well save all that money... Ha.???

So my grocery list has subsided a little bit. But I still have to go buy my Nutella which Trader Joe's sadly doesn't carry. Awww....

Bills are paid for rent till next month, Need to pay off my credit card bill of  $500.00, Macy's (don't remember if i paid in full; or if something is still left to pay. Grrr and PUD bill will be coming soon. Who knows how much that would cost me since I have been heating up my house... would I need to apply for a low income discount, would I even qualify??.. Verizon bill will be pretty high this month and next month for sure. But thank too parents they have decided to chip in and pay there part to help me out.... SAWEEET....

Lately I have been a little worried about my savings thought since I have been transferring to my checking to use day to day bases. I always try not to and still end up using from my saving.. Terrible, Terrible, Terrible idea. I really need to learn how to start saving, starting from: NO STARBUCKS, NOT GOING OUT ON LONG TRIPS.
        ***Tip to savings right ****
  1. Have others pay for coffee
  2. Go on dates more often to eat out.
  3. Collect money for gas/set up fundraisers
  4. Stay home 24/7
  5. Pretend you don't have family to take 4 hour trips too.
  6. Christmas doesn't exist  -so I wont buy gifts .
***I tell that to my self 24/7 and its still not working ***

Go online and check out this website ,I'm so going home and freezing my CC and paying it off month by month. And getting a second job, so any one out  in the world help me find one that fits my schedule.Say hello to craigslist.   I had this idea that if every month I pay off the full amount and use available balance. That I would do fine, but I think I like the idea of using cash and writing checks more than the CC swipe usage.

You should also check out 101 ways to cut spending , was really helpful. I have started the list this morning. Had my water off when brushing my teeth this morning. The only thing I have to figure out how to save on water is when I'm waiting for it to warm up to wash my face. I hate to wash my face with cold water. yak...


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