Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Naughty or Nice

Guess what, Guess what, Guess what!!

Okay not cool, sooooo not cool.

MY SAVINGS ACCOUNT HAS 15.85 DOLLARS TO BE EXACT. I mean what had I bought that is so expensive??? Well okay I might be cynical right there. I have bought so much and still need to buy. Cuz if I don't I’ll feel guilty.

Oh and I wasn't going to go home for Christmas but now I have to since Dad begged (made me feel guilty) me to go. Well not really he sounded really upset when I told him I won’t make it. All for trying to live all on your own!

To catch up on my savings account (daddy thinks I need to save every penny since HE wants ME MARRIED OFF) I need a babysitting job. I mean I LOVE and ADORE kids so much and grew around them my whole entire life that I have ever lived. (If that makes any sense) I haven't found any but hopefully I can get the word out and start getting couple evening a week. I pray that I would be able to get some. It’s getting boring at home all by myself and lonely.

I have babysat my cousin’s kids that she takes care of on Sunday, went to Bellevue and watched SNOW FLAKE LANE PARADE.  We had so much fun and had hot CHOCOLATE ya ya. Which caused me to miss my kids (meaning my sisters and brothers) at home.

                                            P.S addition to my little savings account.  YA YA YA

Until Mike decided to color my car door with chalk; I mean hello any idea what you’re doing, and I still haven't cleaned it thought. It was the cutest thing cuz he still had his Halloween cookies and he said it was the icing.  UUUUMMMMMM WATEVER

I also have started to volunteer an hour a week each Wednesday to teach Spanish speaking adults English. I'm really nervous and scared to my first day would be on Jan. 4th and Ill have to be really prepared that day. On all of my four feet. gggrrrrr. I have this idea that all Mexican man out there are very perverted and love to look at woman other than their wife's. I mean it’s kind of true, my old neighbor did that all the time and his wife knew it! I was so mad I culd almost........ Scream....... YoU HaVe A wIfE......and KiDs.....holla.

I pray that God gives me wisdom, patience, and strength to teach them and love them as equally as anyone else in this world and not notice their flaws as much. I could one day marry one who does the same thing to me and at that point I won’t know if I’ll ignore it and pretend I'm naive and stupid, blind and  love him more than his mistakes. At this point I’ll still be screaming until I would change somehow. But don't know what would change me or when it would be. A little scary to look into the future, SO don’t look; just keep on taking small tiny steps one at a time

Last years Christmas... 2010
thats why I'm so gourgause.

Merry Christmas

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