Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My First Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and it has been a while that I have posted something.  Christmas shopping is almost done, kids are the only ones that are left to buy for. The older ones are much easier to buy for than the little ones.  No idea what I will do with that. Since all they want is cowboy stuff and ranch type looking stuff. Don't ask what that is; I'm a city girl all the way.  

Me doing my Little shopping.

I had gotten couple things all ready from my sisters and brothers when I was visiting the Fam. for Thanksgiving. Since I have no idea if Ill be able to make out there with this cold weather and snow. Which they all ready have and Seattle is only freezing cold with frost and ice.  

My very first Christmas Tree I ever had in my life growing up, with as you can see has little of the gifts I have been given. 

I had saved this wreath from my friend who was throwing it away and  decorated it my self. I never had learned how to decorate them properly so it looks really funny.

Prolly the funniest one in my apartment complex. :)

Merry Christmas Everyone.....

Lots of shopping  and hanging out with friends this month. Bonding time of all sorts. Except that I had missed my Santa pictures with these to lovely woman of my life.

Me and beauty (met in high school, the best girl ever) Goofing off at the stores and taking pictures. FYI I didn't dye my hair, its  the lighting in the room. I wish it was like that thought.

Anna and Lesya
Lovely faces ladies.

Got them this Spa deal for only $60 (all work is worth $600) plus you pay the tip on each visit. Cant wait till we all go and have fun...


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