Friday, January 27, 2012

English Class

I have been teaching  adult ESL English to adults who know English but not as much as you and me.

I love knowing that I am helping others. They are so funny- asking me all these hard things that I don't know

answers to my self.  No wonder my science teacher told me he will research and get back to me.  AYAYAY

So far it has been a blessing. Its fairly easy, keeps me preoccupied for an hour each Wednesday.

Whats so shocking is that it comes to be naturally, the first day I already had them learning things as well as me

learning to be in front of audience.  It doesn't scare me at all.  We make each other laugh and since I don't

understand Spanish our rule is no Spanish in class.  They amaze me how much they all ready know and try to

learn. One student wrote me a 2 pages when I asked for one about his goal or dream and his wife complained

that he was off topic. So for all those teachers out there, I finally got the feel of what you might be feeling at times

while you taught your class.  It is possible to have a favorite student- a student who listens and does more than

they have to. 

                                     It has been hard planning courses for them. Who knows what they really need to learn or what they are struggling with. But so far we got it under control.

P.S maybe someone has any ideas how they can help me out. I would love to hear some.  This would help me a lot. Maybe someone who taught elementary class students and or kindergarten your skills will help me alot.


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