Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year, New Start

How was your New Years? Did you stay up all night like I did??? Or to sleep right when it hit midnight???

 Well which ever you did hope you had fun with the family and Friends and celebrated big.

The New Year started perfectly fine, now its sorta going down  hill. I was expecting something to change soon. I don't know if its my guts saying this or God trying to tell me something. But I'm 100 % sure something will happen soon. I either  move to Hawaii or back home to my parents which I don't really want to do. Believe me I dearly love them and miss them so much it drives me crazy. Even thought I struggle here I can never move in and start to depend on them again.

Okay... Scratch that Hawaii deal, its long time gone now. I have changed my thoughts too No HAWAII, Impossible and wont work for sure.  All I know is that my lease is coming up soon and I need to find a new place to call home (if my rent doesn't go up). In that case I would love to stay where I am, I love my little house so bad, its just beautiful.

Sadly to say I haven't been doing much lately to start a New Year with NEW things and NEW habits. Still go with my OLD habits; wake up 30 min before I have to go to work-which is crazy since before it would take me 2 hours to properly dress. Maybe that's why I'm such a mess. Haven't done my fancy hair in a while.  So I need a New Hair cut and a dye, I want something of a red shade or tint something closer to my dads type of hair. I'm hoping  before or on  my birthday when My sisters comes we can both celebrate mien and hers.

I want my hair to be something close to a short but not too long of a bob..Something that would make my facial features stand out a little more. I haven't decided if I would like shorter hair in the back and or  longer in the front. Or wise versa.
Sad news of the day  is that this is  my first year I have missed my sisters  BDAY. I have surprised her this morning by calling her to wish her the best. And to say that I'm late on her bday card (sad face) I'm blaming the mail man for now.
She of course is going hiking without me, all by herself  and ohh she is also returning couple of things she has purchased..(unhappy face).
FOR  Christmas she  got me  my favorite Christmas present  - my favorite perfume ... the of all time favorite "Fancy"  by Jessica Simpson....
I for my self I have splurged a little this last Christmas season and bought myself a Kodak  Easy share C1530 Camera, a M6 Sports In-Ear Headphones (Clear), and a Rip-tunes 4G Music Player from Groupon.
Now I have music to listen to when I'm on my bike soon enough, and ear plugs wont fall off every bump that I go on. Its not that "Fancy" but its something that I can look forward  too.

  I cant wait for  my little camera, it wasn't all that expensive and I only  hope that it  takes good quality pictures.. I have been meaning to buy a very nice one but cant afford one as of yet. ( very sad)
I have been meaning to go out to this place where my dad took our family every year in winter season and sometimes in spring to show us God's creation and love.... The beauty is just fantastic, lovely trees, the beautiful stream of gorgeous  water. lol Just takes your breath away.

So as you can see a lot has been going on and a lot of exciting things.  Next post should be about my English teaching class every Wednesday ...Enjoy...


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