Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Moving day

I'm back to life again from a crazy life style. I wont say it has slowed down at all, still crazy as is. I feel like I have even picked up more responsibility. Well I wont say its a responsibility, its more like I'm seeing someone and  all I think about  is how to act and what to do since I'm so new to this. :(Yes I just did say that I'm new to this. So deal with it. I will tell you more about him later on in this blog when  the time is right , so moving on to moving. 

 Going back to my Lease, is coming up at the end of April. Yes in a month. Since I'm such a planner, I am all ready planning how I would pack and what boxes I would buy. I want colored boxes labeled  in this very neat hand writing ever-impossible right.
I don't want a regular plain ugly box.  You might call that spoiled and freaky, I'm just so creative that I would go thru all that trouble just to get  a colored box.

Two of my sisters are coming  over the week that I'm moving which
surprised me since I had no idea. That would give me some time to relax and slow down with the cleaning and packing.

Second of all searching for a nice neat place as I do have is so difficult. My little lovely home is so small and comfortable that I don't even want to say good bye too. But there is no way that I can afford to pay 735 dollars each month plus my utility bills plus 5 phone lines that I'm currently paying for, oh and don't forget my car insurance as well as gas.

So not being able to find a place to call home I'm either moving in with my dads old supervisor who has a condo single and 10 years older than my father.  I'm worried about me being such a neat freak that I wont like staying at his place, but hey if I'm saving money it worth it right.

His home needs a lot of cleaning up to do such as; pantry needs to be cleaned out and dog food thrown out. Need to dust the whole place down since I don't want to get my lungs to breath that. Major cleaning in the bathroom, cuz that's were its definitely not sanitary. One thing I will tell you now is that he would really hate me staying there. He all ready hates woman's as is about being so clean and perfect as he calls  it. That said I will drive him crazy.

Moving tips
1. Start Early, a month early (gives you 30 days to pack slowly without stress or any hassle)
2.  Go thru rooms to complete an inventory what needs to be packed first.
3. Make sure everything is packed in cardboard boxes and labeled.
4. Use red marker to mark things that are made of glass or fragile.
5. Take a long hot bath with candles at the end of each day, relax and take a breather.

~ Prishinko ~

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