Friday, May 11, 2012

Welcome Home

I love my new home and my new roomie. She is the best.
Very sweet and  kind heart. She thinks she needs to change I would think other wise.
She is such a good christian better than I ever was. Understands me and respects my boundary's. I am so in love with my roommate. lol

My move was really bad, really busy. I promise I will higher movers next time I'm moving. Will pay them to move my things even if its expensive. I do not want to haul my things now, and then.

Just taken couple days back , very fresh and new. Love my new hair and style.
My 21st B-day celebration.

March visiting my family of a million. Gosh I miss them.  Rock ON

My beautiful office  

My Easter morning church outfit. Oh I love it.

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