Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Goals Before your 22

1. Bank Certified- DONE 
2. Licensed Insurance Agent- Pending
3. Motorcycle Endorsement-Pending

There I have done it , but wow I only have 3 right now???? If you look into my thoughts and goals they are scattered around like crazy. Poor me is always on the move if you were ever able to step into my shoes you would be spinning on the farec  wheel.

Out of all my goals and dreams I am only able to pick out three most important for my future. Why you might think because there comes a time where a person has to grow up, be able to support it self and others.
John MacNaughton once said“Maturity begins to grow when you can sense your concern for others outweighing your concern for yourself.”  Gosh that makes me such a grown up :) ..

Place to see: MERGE - Fremont boutique, fashion item straight from the runway. 

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