Saturday, December 15, 2012

On fire

You might think I'm crazy, insane,  weird, well true thats what my friends think and new people I meet as well.  I havent been online for a while, I feel like I was avoiding the life, all I want to feel and dream the unrealistic and happy life.

The new place has  had its suprises. Its still niceknowing that I can still make myself laugh out loud, laugh so hard to make my self cry.  I'm standing in our new kitchen watching my moms favorite Ukranian soup simmer. I'm back to cooking and grocery shopping,  I' m an adult again. :)

 I have been thinking allot latley and you might say I shouldnt be and you might be right. Its not very smart to be. Yes it does hurt the brain and cause you to go mentally insane for a secound or two. But a person does have to stop and think for a secound or two. Dont get me wrong the move was great, I feel like I have to move constantly to feel like I'm starting over , a new beginging you might say " Time to restart". Tell you what it does feel like that. See how I said  "feel", its only a feeling, mentally thats all. Your not starting over, your continuing to drag yourself to hell; further and further. No way to stop only with GOD. 


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